Environnement S.A is a world-wide designer and manufacture of high precision measuring instruments and analyzers approved by international Institutes and Authorities.

A complete range of analyzers, sampling systems, data acquisition and software’s for the measurement and reporting of regulatory pollutants such as HCI, SO2, NO, NO2, NOx, N2O, CO, CH4, THC, NmHC, HF, H2S, TRS, O2, H2O, Temperature, Flow, Pressure, Particulates, Mercury, Furans, Dioxins……

Environnement S.A’s factory trained Field Service Team provides expert services (hand-on and technical support) for your equipment all over the world.

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems:
● Extractive Multi Gas Analyzers:
Graphite 52M Heated FID Hydrocarbons Analyzer
MIR FT Multi-Gas Infra Red Fourier Transform(FTIR) Analyzer
MIR 9000 Multi-Gas Infra Red GFC Analyzer
MIR 9000 (with CLD option) Analyzer
MIR 9000H Heated Multi-Gas Infra Red GFC Analyzer

● In-Situ Multi-Gas Analyzer:

● Gas Sampling System:
HOFI Stack Gas Sampling System
SEC Stack Gas Sampling System