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Oil and Gas Solutions
We supply a wide range of specialised measurement instrumentation to the oil and gas industry. Our depth of instrumentation knowledge is making us the leader in providing the right solution
Water Treatments
Most industrial water treatment systems are dynamic. Proper monitoring is essential to ensure that the water treatment program applied to a boiler, cooling, wastewater or other industrial water system is satisfactorily controlled so that the desired results are achieved.
Personal Gas Detector
Gas detectors are required by industry best practices and regulations and are the only way that workplaces can identify gas leaks and potential threats within the workplace.
Gas Emission
The demand for emission measurements has strongly increased in recent years and it is essential for a company to have reliable information available on emission of air pollutants.
Oil and Gas Solutions
Heat, pressure and chemical reactions transform crude oil into hundreds of refined products. We provide top quality measurement devices and automation solutions that allow you to control and operate complex refinery processes.
Occupational Safety
Success in managing major Hazards is not measured by the Occupational Health and Safety Statistics but by measuring the performance of critical systems used to control risks to ensure they are operating as intended.

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Who We Are

Under the name of EXACT CONTROL SDN BHD, we began operation in 1994 as an Environmental Division; supplying Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers for flue gas monitoring. This division continues to grow and more products are being added, especially analyzers for Stack Emission and Waste Water monitoring. In March 2001, we finally became an independent entity, incorporated in Malaysia as EXACT ANALYTICAL SDN BHD.

Our principal business is in analytical analyzer systems and fire and gas detection systems, and comprises the supply, install, commission and training.

Our emphasis is on Technical Competence and Quality. To satisfy our customers’ needs, we expanded the company into analyzer systems engineering and design of sample handling system in collaboration with reputable system integration companies.

What We Do

In summary, our business comprises:
☛ Specification, purchasing and expediting of analyzers and fire & gas detection system.
☛ Jobsite supervision of installation & start-up.
☛ Site pre-commissioning.
☛ Site final commissioning.
☛ Preventive maintenance contract work.
☛ On-site troubleshooting.
☛ On-site or classroom training for end-user personnel.

In a world where the answer is always NO, Our answer is YES! Hence with EXACT ANALYTICAL, THERE’S ALWAYS A SOLUTION!

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