The internationally accredited manufacturer of hygrometers, moisture analyzers, hydrocarbon dew point meters and oxygen analyzers. Michell Instruments have specialised in the field of dewpoint measurement for over 30 years and develop a wide variety of dew point instruments capable of measuring trace moisture, humidity and dew point in a vast range of applications and industries.

Process Analyzers:
● Hydrocarbon and Water Dew Point in Natural Gas Analyzers
Condumax II Online
Condumax II Transportable
Condumax II and OptiPEAK TDL600

● Moisture in Gases Analyzers
Promet I.S.
Promet EExd
Multi-Channel Process Monitor

● Moisture in Liquids Analyzers
Liquidew I.S.

● Monitors
Intrinsically Safe Field Display

Calibration Instruments:
● Relative Humidity Calibration Systems

● Dew-Point Calibration Systems

● Calibration System Components
Pressure Swing Dryers
Dew-Point Generators

Portable Gas Blenders, PCR

Portable Hygrometers:
● Dew-Point and Relative Humidity Portables
MDM300 & MDM300 I.S.
MDM25 Portable Humidity Meter

● Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Portables
CDP301 Condumax Dew Point Tester

Dew-Point Sensors, Dew-Point Meters and Sampling Systems:
● Industrial Mouisture/Dew-Point Measurement
Easidew & Easidew 34 Transmitters
Easidew I.S. Transmitter
SF52 Transmitter
SF72 Rail Industry-Approved Transmitter
Easidew Online Hygrometer
Cermet II Hygrometer
DryCheck Hygrometer/Sampler
Easidew Sampler
SF 82 Transmitter
SF 82 Online

● Process Dew-Point Sensors
Easidew Pro I.S. Transmitter
Easidew Pro XP Transmitter
ES20 Compact Sampling System
ES70 Sampling System

● Moisture/Dew-Point Sensors for Pure Gases
Pura Transmitter & Hygrometers

Chilled Mirror Hygrometers:
● Chilled Mirror Hygrometers with Remote Sensors
S8000 Remote

● Chilled Mirror Hygrometers for Trace Moisture
S8000 RS
S8000 Remote
S4000 TRS

Relative Humidity Products:
● Relative Humidity Sensors/Probes
HS3 Probe
PC33 & 52
PC62 & 62V
PFMini 72
PCMini 70
PCMini 52
Hygrosmart I7000XP

● Duct Mount Humidity Transmitters

Oxygen Analyzers and Thermal Conductivity Analyzers
● Oxygen Analyzers
XTP 501 & 601 Series
XZR 500
XZR 400 Series
XZR 200 Oxygen Analyzers
XGA 301 Industrial Gas Analyzer
XZR 250 Oxygen Analyzer

● Binary Gas Analyzers
XTC 601 Monitoring Hydrogen Cooled Generators
XTC Series