WTW was founded in 1945 and is specialized in development and manufacturing of high quality measurement technology for water analysis. WTW offers the most complete series of measuring instrumentation as well as accessories for the measurement and monitoring of water and wastewater.

Since 2011, WTW is a company of the Xylem Group, which operates worldwide in its core business of water. WTW is a part of the company division Xylem Analytics (www.xylemanalytics.com).

Portable Meters:
● Portable Meters:
MultiLine® Multi 3630 IDS
MultiLine® Multi 3620 IDS
MultiLine® Multi 3510 IDS
ProfiLine Multi 3320
ProfiLine pH/Cond 3320
ProfiLine pH/ION 3310
ProfiLine pH 3310
ProfiLine Oxi 3310
ProfiLine Cond 3310
ProfiLine Oxi 3205
ProfiLine pH 3110
ProfiLine Cond 3110

● Photometers:
pHotoFlex® STD
pHotoFlex® pH
pHotoFlex® Turb

Benchtop Meters:
● inoLab® Benchtop Meters:
inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS
inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS
inoLab® Multi 9610 IDS
inoLab® pH/ION 7320
inoLab® pH 7310
inoLab® Oxi 7310
inoLab® Cond 7310
inoLab® pH 7110
inoLab® Cond 7110

Stationary Meters:
MIQ/TC 2020 XT
DIQ/S 282/284
DIQ/S 181

● TresCon® Analyzer:
Analyzer for orthophosphate