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Advanced Sensors Ltd
(Oil in Water Analyzers)

Applied Analytics Inc
(UV-VIS Diode Array Spectrophotometer)

Bacharach Inc
(Portable Combustion Analyzers, Combustible & Refrigerant Leak Detectors, Indoor Air Quality Monitors & Fixed Gas Monitors)

Blackline Safety
(Lone Worker Devices)

Environnement S.A
(Instrumentation for the environment)

Fuji Ultrasonic
(Ultrasonic Concentration/Viscosity Meter)

General Monitors/MSA
(Ultrasonic, Point & Open-Path Gas Dectection Systems, Flame Detectors)

Honeywell Analytics
(Portable Gas Detectors for LEL, O2, Toxic gases & VOCs)

JCT Analysentechnik GmbH
(Gas Conditioning Equipment & FTIR Analyzers)

Knick International
(Industrial & Laboratory pH, ORP, Conductivity & Oxygen Analyzers)

Michell Instruments
(Dewpoint, Humidity, Moisture, HCDP & Oxygen Analyzers)

Novatech Controls
(Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers)

(Particulate Emission Monitoring System)

(Multi-Gas Insitu Continuous Emission Monitoring System)

(Combustion, Process & Emission Analyzers)

(Water & Wastewater Measurement & Monitoring System)

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