JCT Analysentechnik GmbH is your specialist for gas conditioning and emission monitoring. Our product range covers all needed parts for gas sampling and conditioning systems. We are producing a wide range of reliable and long life equipment because the best analyzer is worthless without an outstanding sampling and conditioning equipment.

Gas Conditioning Components:
● Sampling Probe:
JES 301 Heated Gas Sample Probe
JES 301L Self Limited Heated Gas Sample Probe
JES 301E1 Gas Sample Probe for Ex Zone
JPES Portable Gas Sample Probe

● Heated Hose:
JH3F Heated Gas Sample Hose
JHAF Heated Gas Sample Hose with Integrated Filter
JTC Temperature Controller

● Gas Conditioning:
JCL-300 Gas Conditioning Unit
JCS-100 Sample Gas Compressor Cooler
JCT Gas Cooler
JCC Sample Gas Conditioning Unit
JCM-300 Peltier Sample Gas Cooler
JCM Gas Cooler
JC-14 & JC-24 Peltier Conditioning Unit
JCP Sample Gas Conditioning Unit
JCE-2 Ex Midi

● NOX Converter:
JNOX NO2 to NO Converter

● Accessories:
KW-2 Condensate Detector
JF-1 Gas Analysis Filters
JAF-1 Aerosofilter
JBF 301L Heated Filter
Pre-Condensate Discharge Unit
11-LD Condensate Strainer
Gas Sample Pumps
JSR 25 Condensate Pump