OLEOLOGY is an Australian based company that’s committed to creating cleaner water for our clients. We offer advanced oil and hydrocarbon removal solutions that make recycling and decontaminating water quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective. We use an innovative technology called MyCelx for superior results.

MYCELX Technologies

Clean water is a necessity for the oil and gas industry where process improvement, government regulations and environmental concerns make access to clean water more critical every day. MYCELX is doing things no one else can do, taking oil-free water to new levels. MYCELX is helping to solve the industry’s toughest problems.

MYCELX is a revolutionary oil-free water technology company solving the world’s toughest oil removal problems in the oil and gas industry. Our systems are based upon scientific breakthrough for a completely different approach to permanent oil removal. We created the patented MYCELX polymer using innovative molecular cohesion for removing oil from water far beyond what conventional systems have ever achieved. MYCELX systems remove oil to critically low levels in a much smaller physical footprint than conventional systems and in a virtually fail-safe process.

MYCELX can achieve oil removal to less than 1 ppm (part per million).

MYCELX is molecular cohesion, not just filtration. It’s true oil-free water technology.

We are the company that petroleum producers call when they can’t get to the low ppm levels that they need to reach, oil removal to less than 1 ppm. We can install MYCELX systems for emergency deployments worldwide. We can help you augment or replace conventional systems that simply aren’t meeting your needs. MYCELX is the perfect solution to retrofit systems for enhanced oil removal.

We invite you to learn more about MYCELX and see how we can help you achieve your water purification and oily water treatment goals.

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